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Mr Phil Robinson,
Chief Executive Quarrier's Charity,
24th August 2006.

Dear Mr Robinson

A number of Former Boys & Girls of Quarriers have raised with us a series of concerns regarding their Confidential Children's Files which they have recently received either from your Pam Barr or Josie Bell.

Their primary concerns are:-

  1. The files do not appear to be a true and accurate record of that individual child's whole time while in care in Quarriers Homes.
  2. The files are missing some crucial details regarding various significant episodes, serious incidents and other important events which happened to these children while they were in Quarriers' care.
  3. The medical files are incomplete in many cases and have failed to adequately record a complete medical history of these children's important injuries, ailments, conditions and treatments.
  4. That until fairly recently, Quarriers' ex-employees have had access to these Confidential Children's files.
  5. That Mr William Dunbar, a former director of Quarriers, was still acting as the Archivist for these Confidential Children's files, long after his employment with Quarriers had terminated.
  6. We also have evidence that on previous occasions, Mr William Dunbar the former Director has informed former Quarriers children who approached him for their Confidential Children's files that he has retained and stored many of these records or files for his personal use (Archives).

It would be helpful if you could respond to these requests:-

  1. Can you assure us that all records sent to a former child of Quarriers are a complete account of that former child's time in Quarriers?
  2. Can you assure us that no record or part of a record is held by any other party or by any individual previously employed by Quarriers Homes?
  3. Can you assure us that these Confidential Children's records are held securely in a repository fit for the purpose and are only accessible by designated Quarriers employees or law enforcement agencies?
  4. Can you assure us that an effective registration system is in place which accounts for all individuals or agencies that have a legitimate right of access to these Confidential Children's files and which keeps a record of every access event?
  5. Can you assure us that if there are any Confidential Children's records held by any third party or individual previously employed by Quarriers, that Quarriers Management will immediately take steps to regain ownership of all of these files and will place them in the secure repository?
  6. What is your explanation as to why these Confidential Children's files are inaccurate and so incomplete?

Many thanks for your assistance in these matters.


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