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Pam Barr of Quarriers claims Bill Dunbar wasn't the Children's Files Archivist

Letter to David Whelan, 05/07/04


5 July 2004

Mr. D. Whelan


Dear David

I have received your letter of June 27th regarding your file and access to it.

I'm afraid I can't clarify your concerns about the information within the file. The file contains the same sort of information as most of the files for that era so I was caused no surprise by it. More substantial records only began to appear in the late 1960s.

As I said to you on the phone, your record went from here to the Police, through their system and back to me. The only people in addition, to whom access would be given, would be the lawyers for the Insurers of Quarriers, where former boys and girls are claiming against the Organisation. This circumstance is covered by the Data Protection legislation. You mention electronic data; Quarriers does not have any of the records of former boys and girls on computer, apart from a simple database of all the young people who were migrated to Canada over the decades.

Your information about Bill Dunbar is inaccurate. He is not responsible for the archives. He does hold an enormous amount of information about the history of the Village and therefore, even though he is retired, people call upon his memory on many an occasion. However the archive of the Village is different from the Record Store where former boys and girls' files are kept securely.

I hope this answers your queries.

Yours sincerely

Pam Barr
Aftercare Worker

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