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6 September, 2006






 Dear Sir/Madam


Thank you for your letter, dated 24 August 2006.  I will do my best to respond to all the points that you have raised following the numbering of paragraphs used in your letter.


Primary Concerns


1.         It is true that many files contain what appears to be only a very sparse and partial account of an individual child’s whole time at Quarriers.  I have no direct knowledge of the Organisation prior to 1992, but the deficiency may be due to the different standard of record keeping prevailing at that time.


2.         As 1. above.


3.         Once again, the medical records contained within most of the files are just as we have inherited them.  Neither I, nor anyone else who has worked at Quarriers in recent times are in any position to comment on how the medical supervision of the children was conducted and recorded.


4.         No ex-employee has been allowed access to children’s files since 2001, around the time that the first trial of an ex-member of staff began.  Up to that point, a former member of staff held the position of Honorary Archivist, but it was realised that although there was no evidence of misconduct, a potential conflict of interest had arisen.  Records were then secured and the role of Honorary Archivist and the involvement of ex-members of staff was terminated at that point.


5.         The involvement of the individual named in your letter is covered under 4. above.


6.         I have no knowledge of the conduct you allege.  If true, this would undoubtedly be a very serious matter and I would urge you to forward any evidence that you have to me.





1.         No, I can give no such assurance.  Former boys and girls will be given copies of all the records that we hold, after third party references have been redacted.  This equates with acknowledged best practice and we can do no more.


2.         I am not aware of any records being held by any such party.


3.         I can assure you that Quarriers confidential children’s records are kept in securely locked premises and that only a limited number of appropriately designated staff have access.


4.         A system is in place to record access events.


5.         Please see ‘Primary Concerns’ (6. above).  If you have any evidence of this, please send it to me so that I can take the appropriate action.


6.         Please see ‘Primary Concerns (1. above).



I hope this letter helps to reassure you to some extent.


Yours sincerely





Phil Robinson

Chief Executive



C:         David Williams, Service Director

            Alison Gough, Service Manager